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2009-03-18 [長年日記]

§ [InlineSkate] Oli Benet said: Stretch before and after skating

Lately I have been skating a lot more than usual, mainly thanks to the Carbons which have given me a new lease of life. I notice that I'm even worse than I used to be at spinning, and I often just don't have the energy to jump as high as I could. When arriving at home I feel like a right old man.

Anyway I started to notice a pain under my knee that felt like a growing tiredness.

I went yesterday for a general massage and the reason Im in not the best shape is due to years of skating without proper stretching before and after skating. The muscles tighten more and more, and this in turn pulls the lower part of your leg tighter. The strain is maximised and your body just doesnt hold up as well. Flexibility is lost as you get older, and really affects your skating and even every day life.

I think everyone should take seriously the idea of stretching before and after skating, properly. Rock backward and forward on your heels and toes, and stretch those muscles! Otherwise, when you get old like me, you will feel like a right mess!!!